Upcoming Meetings & Events:

Our membership meeting is scheduled for November 18th, place unknown as yet, but keep 1:00 p.m. open.

We will let you know where. You can always call 534-7690 for information or input.


Board of Directors meeting, Nov. 2, 2015,  1355  5th Ave.   534-7690   990-1362   5:00pm

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A.R.T. Board VP: David Tamori   530-990-0416

A.R.T. Board Treasurer:  John Holden  530-534-8015

A.R.T. Board Director:  Freda Flint  530-534-7690

A.R.T. Board Member: Jean Burg  530-534-6826


“The purpose of the Artists of River Town is to promote art, emphasizing the inspirational and educational qualities of art, united toward excellence of creativity, and to helping provide aesthetical joy and understanding of the pictorial world we share with all artists and the community.”   Rex Burress, 2006


Artists of River Town

Paints & Supplies Available

P.O. Box 162

Oroville, CA 95965



Considering Joining?

1. Fill out membership form and remit payment.

2. Attend a general meeting or reception.

3. If you want to show, fill out the Registration to Show form.

4. To show your art read and fill out the Showing my Art form.