This website is closing mid-April. You can continue to follow the Artists of River Town via the Brushstrokes Gallery website. Please click on the link below.

The Artists of River Town has merged with the Brushstrokes Gallery located at 1967 Montgomery Street, Oroville, CA.

This location will allow us to offer classes, have activities, and show our work.


Brushstrokes Phone: 530-781-3849



Go here to the Brushstokes Gallery website.



Standing Meetings:

Board Meetings: Second Tuesdays at 10:00 am, Brushstrokes Gallery,

1697 Montgomery Street


General Meetings: Fourth Saturdays at 10:00, Brushstrokes Gallery, 1697 Montgomery Street


For information on meetings and updates call David Tamori:  530-990-0416



Current ART Board of Directors:

President,  David Tamori  Email Dave  530-990-0416

Vice President,   Jill Farris Email Jill

Secretary,  Joyce Sizer

Treasurer,  John Holden  Email John

Director,  Walton Walker

Board Member: Machelle Conn

Communications: Jeanne Hall

Board Member: Dixie Howe

Hospitality: Carolyn Adams



“The purpose of the Artists of River Town is to promote art, emphasizing the inspirational and educational qualities of art, united toward excellence of creativity, and to helping provide aesthetical joy and understanding of the pictorial world we share with all artists and the community.”   Rex Burress, 2006