WATER : LIFE -- Juried Show Oct 2014

Theme of the WATER : LIFE Juried Show

 Northern California is the watershed for our state, which is now facing severe drought. What does the future hold? How can we preserve our most precious of resources? Beautiful, vital, life-giving… WATER. What does WATER conjure up for you artistically?


Award Winners:

First Place -- Rex Burress, "The Frog Does Not Drink Up the Water Where It Lives"

Second Place -- Jon Shult, "Solo, Sacramento Wildlife Refuge”

Honorable Mention -- Machelle Conn, "Wings Over Richvale"

People's Choice Award -- Dee Boyd, "Kon Tiki"



Rex Burress
Rex Burress, "The Frog..."
Jon Shult
Jon Shult, Solo Sacramento Valley..."